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A Vision

Wolf Construction Corporation has a rich history deeply rooted in the construction industry, dating back to 1905 when Gregory's great-grandfather, Alexander Wolf, founded a masonry business in lower Manhattan. Through the generations, the Wolf family's commitment to excellence has continued, with Charles, Richard, and Gregory each playing a vital role in upholding the family legacy.

Today, the future of Wolf Construction Corporation is in the capable hands of Gregory Wolf, Fiona Overvig, and Ryan Ruthven, who stand as esteemed partners. Together, they carry the torch of the Wolf name and forge a path as the next generation of leaders in the construction industry.

Under their leadership, Wolf Construction Corporation continues to thrive, building upon its legacy of excellence and innovation. Our team's success is not accidental; it is the result of our intentionality, expertise, and skillful execution in every project we undertake.

At Wolf Construction Corporation, we take immense pride in our heritage and the remarkable team that continues to carry the family legacy forward.

A mission: To make excellence the norm in the construction industry.

A Team

Greg Wolf.jpeg


Gregory Wolf

Gregory Wolf has followed in his family's footsteps, managing multiple award-winning projects throughout his career both as a superintendent and project manager. With a remarkable track record Greg has been the recipient of many accolades including the AIA Interiors Honor Award (2010), NY Construction's Best (2009), Interior Design Magazine Best of Year - Award of Merit (2009), and NY Times Articles among others. 

Fiona Byrne.jpeg

Partner - Operations

Fiona Overvig

A highly accomplished professional with a solid foundation in civil engineering, holding a degree from the prestigious Cornell Universiy and more than 10 years of management experience in the industry are a testimony of Fiona's expertise and leadership. Her commitement to excellence and innovation help drive Wolf Construction Corporation to new highs.

Ryan Ruthven.jpeg

Partner - Pre Construction

Ryan Ruthven

Ryan brings an impressive 20-year track record in the industry to our team. With 17 of those years spent at one of the largest construction companies in the country, Ryan's journey is marked by a dedication to excellence. Driven by a dream to redefine and improve the construction industry, his vision and experience have been instrumental in shaping our commitment to delivering excellence. 


Chairman Emeritus

Richard Wolf

A distinguished figure in the world of construction,  Richard possesses an unrivaled depth of knowledge, having been part of this journey from its very beggining. His expertise, honed over decades, is a cornerstone of our company's success, and his continued advisory role ensures that we benefit from his unparalleled wisdom and experience. Richard Wolf embodies the essence of our company's heritage and commitment to excellence.


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